Adding a Value to a Collection

A well-documented, fully described appraisal is advantageous to the current owner as well as in securing a particular item’s or a collection’s future appreciation, preservation, and value.

A comprehensive description is also useful in updating valuations in the future and to ensure a fair return the case that a client later decides to offer an item for sale or place it in consignment at auction.

Furthermore, our appraisals of books and historical artifacts to be bequeathed to tax-exempt organizations aid in determining the full value and importance of one’s charitable contribution. In short, Our goal is to provide the most accurate appraisals possible. Such valuations, however, are not to be construed as permanently fixed, especially given variations the antiquarian market in general.
While investors may attempt to predict the rise and fall of future values, Antiquarian Appraisals is committed to recording those of the present.

Specializing in English Reformational and Early American Imprints

Antiquarian Appraisals is a firm that evaluates rare and antiquarian books and historic documents with a specialty in English Reformational and early American imprints.


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