Appraisal Process

In our appraisal process, we investigate the book or document as an individual artifact and then research both asking prices and sales prices for the same or similar items using a variety of resources. With all our appraisals we strive to establish fair market value referencing library archives, specialist dealer catalogues, historical sourcebooks regarding of authorship and rarity, and auction records.

Among the artifact’s features that will greatly effect is price are its given subject matter, its author’s imporatnce to the field, its date of publication, its edition and edition era, and its condition. Other considerations are relevant inscriptions and the provenance of the book if the can be determined. Finally, appraisals
of collections may be in whole or in part, according to the client’s specific needs and requirement.

Antiquarian Appraisals reserves the right to refuse to provide a written appraisal of an object for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. insufficient secondary market information available on which to base a valuation;
  2. unable to clearly determine authenticity; or
  3. the condition or overall value of a given work or collection is such that the appraisal
    fee would exceed its worth or would not contribute to the significance of the property.

Antiquarian Appraisals charges a minimum fee of $40 for a written appraisal of a single object; multiple appraisals are charged on an hourly or quantity basis. We welcome yourquestions and interest in our services.

Specializing in English Reformational and Early American Imprints

Antiquarian Appraisals is a firm that evaluates rare and antiquarian books and historic documents with a specialty in English Reformational and early American imprints.


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